BSN Ltd. was founded on many years’ experience in providing car body repairs without painting, gained on European markets.

Participation in training courses run by the pioneers in this field provided us with top qualifications and experience, thanks to which we can deliver professional repair services for many clients and Europe.

The ÖCC-MAN system is based on the removal of dents in car bodies without the need to spackle and paint them.
Specialist tools allow permanent restoration of the steel plate back to its original state, avoiding damage to the paint layer and shortening the time and cost of repairs.

After repair, the car is free of colour changes which result from painting, so its value does not decrease. In the case of dents with a damaged paint layer or with large diameters, we remove them, and prepare the surface for painting without the need to spackle it.

We have our own mobile workshops, so we can reach any client to carry out a repair.